Elachi Tea or Cardamom Tea

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

This makes elachi tea for 2 people . One of  my cousin came to our house I made tea quickly she was suprised how could make strong  tea so fast. Take half glass of water boil it and add tea powder to it . The proportions are important for the flavour of elachi tea ,ginger tea and masala tea.

Milk 1 glass or 2 cups
(Full fat milk)
Tea podwer 2 teaspoons
Sugar  1 teaspoon
(adjust accordingly)
Water 1 /2 cup

1. In a bowl add water and heat the bowl after water boils add the tea powder . When water changes the color add the elachi podwer and mix well.

2.  Add milk and sugar and mix well . When the milk comes up switch off the stove.

3.  Filter the tea and serve hot.


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